When you start a significant kitchen remodelling project, you are probably aware of how difficult it will be. Usually, everything is completely gutted, down to the studs, so you can start with a fresh canvas. Of course, every job is different, so you might not need to gut the entire kitchen for it. However, if you decide to do a complete redesign, you should be ready for the following typical phases.


The Tear Down


The demolition phase will start all remodelling and renovation projects. Nothing will be left after removing every last bit of obsolete flooring, wall covering, tile, lighting, counter, and appliance. Whatever you aren’t keeping will be disposed of. Some homeowners enjoy helping with the demo, but it’s best to leave it to the pros to reduce injury risk. Your experts will be aware of the dangers and will steer clear of plumbing and electrical work while the demo takes place.




Your contractor will begin the next step after the demo is finished. Depending on the details of your project, this is the time when the framework and plumbing will be changed or relocated. Leave this project to the experts because it can be time-consuming and involve significant parts of your home (especially for plumbing and electrical changes). New studs are installed, and new outlets and lighting rigs, and plumbing lines are prepared.




Your contractor will probably do a thorough check of the area to ensure everything is in working order before the finishing touches are added on top. Dealing with a qualified contractor will help ensure the job is done correctly the first time, preventing the need for any subsequent work that involves tearing down freshly installed floors or drywall.


Drywall Installed


The next stage of a kitchen remodel or renovation is installing the new drywall. It is hung, taped, and completed in accordance with your project design. You may just be replacing the old drywall, but you could also be adding new walls as well!


At this point, you or your contractor can also start priming your drywall in preparation for painting later on in the project. This aids to safeguard your drywall from scratches and scuffs while the remodelling/renovation work proceeds around it. 


New Windows or Doors


If you’ve opted into adding new doors and windows, they will be installed once the drywall is up. This step will be skipped if neither of these is being altered throughout your remodel (unless your contractor provides new trim around your windows and doors).


If you plan to preserve the current windows, think about resealing them during your renovation project to make sure they are adequately insulated to protect your newly finished kitchen.


Cabinets and Plumbing Finishes


The cabinetry and plumbing fittings can be installed after the framework is complete. During this step, any new counters will also be installed. This is an exciting time because you can finally see your remodel/renovation taking shape as it gets closer to being finished. The design elements are now being added, allowing you to truly see your vision come to life. Here your sinks and faucets are installed and hooked up, and your cabinets are put into place.


Installing Floors


The installation of the new flooring is the last phase in the construction process. Depending on the contractor, some may begin installing flooring before the cabinets. No worries if your contractor chooses the opposite course; either way is OK.


The Final Touches


Typically, your brand-new appliances won’t be installed until the end. This is the point where your kitchen is almost ready to be used, whether you are upgrading all of it or just some of it. We’ll install your brand-new microwave, oven, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.


Your kitchen will be finished once the equipment is installed. Time to celebrate your extensive kitchen renovation! Enjoy your brand-new kitchen space while you rest and recline. Y


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