If you live in South Florida, you want your home to shine, because let’s face it – South Florida is a unique destination unlike anywhere else! The kitchen is one of, if not the most essential room in the home. Any kitchen renovation should be taken with the right design, care, investment, and results.


Kitchen renovations thrive best when focusing on functionality, durability, and colour. A kitchen is often a place you and your family share – but often entertain in as well. You don’t want a dark space, but something bright, warm, and welcoming.


Here are some tips to get you started, before the renovation begins.




Ensure you have enough space for your design vision. While you can remove unnecessary things, walls, and other items to free up space, this can often run up the cost of the renovation.


Most kitchen renovation experts advise keeping the layout the same when renovating a kitchen, as this saves on cost as well as makes the work seamless. You can save space even more with cabinets that sit higher on the walls.


Your final kitchen floor plan should ensure a spacious layout that allows for free movement and easy access to your tools, cutlery, dishes, pans, etc.




Before considering a renovation project in your kitchen, come up with a realistic budget for the project. You won’t just be paying for materials and appliances, but also labour. Plus, you need wiggle room should any unforeseen expenses arise. The more complicated your vision is, the higher the budget should be. Never max out your budget and ensure you let the professionals handle the dirty work (electricians, plumbers, etc) to ensure nothing goes wrong.


Choosing Materials


Your kitchen renovation will likely result in new appliances, cabinets, countertops, and possibly floors. Balance what your vision is, what you love, and what suits your budget. Do not go for the cheapest options! When it comes to cheap materials, you get what you pay for – they will not last a long time. 




Kitchens are often packed with a ton of small appliances, cutlery, dishware, bakeware, tools, accessories, recipe books and more. If you have a smaller kitchen, this can be hard to manage. When renovating, work with your contractor to devise extra storage to maximize the functionality and durability of the space. If you have a lot in your kitchen, you may still need to store things elsewhere, but sometimes your professional kitchen contractor can help come up with space-saving designs to get everything put away nicely.




Kitchen renovations can often take a few weeks to complete, depending on the size and nature of the project. When deciding to start a kitchen renovation, make sure you have a backup kitchen area for the time being. If you have a big renovation, your kitchen may be out of order for a long time. If you can’t afford to be without a kitchen for a month or longer, you may need to downsize your renovation plans to fit the timing that works best for you. If you have no problem going without a kitchen and relying on takeout, restaurants or going to a hotel for a bit, then let your vision drive the project. Also, always work with professional kitchen contractors to keep your perfect on time, as well as on budget.


Maintaining Your Kitchen


If you aren’t the best at keeping up with home maintenance, there is little point in pursuing a complex renovation in your kitchen. Ongoing maintenance can end up costing more than the renovation itself. Plus, some materials may not last as long as you’d like which can result in replacing renovation pieces sooner than expected.


Working with a contractor that provides a warranty will ensure you get a piece of mind on your big investment.




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