If done correctly, redesigning a bathroom can be a really rewarding experience. Everything in your home, including the furnishings, faucets, and tiles, can serve as a visual expression of your character and preferences. 


Once more, a lot of people are making the bathroom the centre of their houses. In fact, remodelling your bathroom will be almost as thrilling as creating a brand-new bathroom from the ground up. That prospect is really intriguing, don’t you think? 


You can choose to keep your current flooring, cabinets, walls, and fixtures or to completely start over with new materials. However, there will still be many choices to be made in either case.


You need to adopt a more holistic approach and carefully consider your goals if you intend to remodel your bathroom and make it more than just an upgrade. You want your new bathroom to be an oasis or really nice space you will enjoy every day.


Tip #1: Hide The Toilet from First Sight


If you’re still unclear about where to begin with your bathroom redesign, consider if you want to preserve the current layout or not. Verify the location of the door and the direction in which it opens by looking at the floor plan.


For instance, you could move the shower to the other side of the room. You can also install a new door that opens to the left rather than the right so that the bathroom door opens away from the sink and toilet so that te shower is the first thing you see.


Tip #2: Make Your Vanity the Focus


Making sure that the vanity stands out as the room’s focal point is another appealing technique to renovate a bathroom. This can be a terrific way to give the room a lively flash of colour or to make it appear larger.


This can be accomplished by adding a huge mirror or piece of artwork above the vanity and making the vanity wall an accent wall that’s different from the rest of the room. Additionally, you can utilize new lighting fixtures and faucets to focus attention on a certain location.


Tip #3: Add Ambience


You might experiment with different lighting fixtures to give the bathroom a moodier atmosphere. Instead of an overhead light at the entrance, think about employing a sconce. Placing a chandelier or pendant light over the vanity can add a bit of fun luxury to your bathroom.


You don’t want the chandelier to be an eyesore though, so make sure the design complements the rest of the bathroom. Adding recessed lighting to the ceiling is a fantastic additional option. This will make the space brighter and create more intriguing silhouettes



The design components that can actually change a bathroom are often overlooked. However, by making a few minor adjustments, you can dramatically alter the appearance and atmosphere of your bathroom, giving it a brand-new, energizing feel.


The secret to bathroom design is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and at ease in it. 


At iCoastal Designs, we pride ourselves on providing luxury bathroom renovations in South Florida. We want to make your bathroom a space you will enjoy while reflecting on who you are as an individual and family. Get in touch for a free quote and see how we can transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis.