Accent Walls are a trending craze in interior design right now. They are easy, stylish, flexible, and bold. With accent walls, you have an almost unlimited choice in how to make it work for your space – paint colour, type of surface, materials used, etc. You can even choose where to place it. Every home is unique to its homeowners, so accent walls can be just as extraordinary.


What Are Accent Walls?


Accent walls are when one wall in a room (or exterior) is used as a ‘feature wall’ – meaning it’s completely different from the other walls around it. It can have a different paint colour, shade, design, or material.


Do Use More than Just Solid Colour


Your accent wall doesn’t have to be burgundy red or midnight blue. It doesn’t have to be that simple. You can use paint in a bunch of different ways. Try a pattern with stripes, and shapes, or maybe try a metallic wall finish. A pattern with a few different colours in it can turn a drab wall into a bold statement.


Don’t Ignore Texture


You don’t have to use paint as an accent wall – it can be stone, tile, or even wood. And, if you have a very plain room, you can use an accent wall as a gorgeous built-in shelving and media unit. Other ideas include a gallery wall or fabric draped.


Do Put Accent Walls in Neutral Spaces


If you want your room to be more neutral in design, it can still benefit from an accent wall. Instead of a bold accent wall, you can have a more subdued accent that blends well with the neutral colour of the surrounding walls.


Don’t Forget Bold Colours


If you design the entire room right, it doesn’t matter what colour you choose for the accent wall. You can go with whatever makes you happy. As long as your choice compliments the rest of the room’s design scheme, it will work – you can trust us on that!


Do Consider The Rest of Your Space


For an accent wall to work its best, it must complement the other walls in the room. Bold, darker shade accent walls work best next to lighter-medium shades of the same colour family. Accent walls in a white room are quite stunning but hard to pull off. You will want to balance your accent wall with the rest of the space for a coherent feel and balanced design.


Don’t Just Focus on the Walls

Your accent wall is not just limited to the four walls of a room! You could even do a ceiling accent wall. Try soft or vivid colours with white crown moulding to help separate the ceiling from the walls and create a beautiful, modern look.


Do Put the Accent Wall In the Right Spot


While you can use any wall in a room for an accent wall, there should be some purpose in the final choice. Rooms without any noticeable architectural features benefit well from accent walls. However, combining a dark accent wall in a room with a window wall can make a very bright light effect that overwhelms the space.


Don’t Ignore Wallpaper


Wallpaper makes a great accent wall choice as well. Many wallpapers can create a designer look at an affordable cost. Wallpaper that works best as an accent wall features pretty designs and colours for a chic style. Wallpaper is also a great idea for renters as it can personalize the space with a temporary solution.




Accent walls are a fantastic way to turn a drab room into a design spectacular. Whether you want to make a shiplap wall, cover it in tile or stone with a fireplace, or just paint it a different colour or shade, the options are almost endless.


iCoastal Designs will work with you to provide the right accent wall ideas that you will love and make your guests say “Wow”!