A big design trend these days is a beautiful accent wall in a room or space. They can be as simple as a different colour, texture, or tone – or something totally unique and stunning. The big point about accent walls is creating a centrepiece of a room that can bring a wow factor. Here are 5 ways to add an accent wall to your renovation project.


Use Paint


The simplest way to add an accent wall to a space is just working with paint. You can paint a bold colour on just one wall and be done. Or, you can mix it up a bit and add some design to the paint. Think stripes, circles, herringbone or other geometric patterns with a mix of different colours. You want something that will pop but also complement the paint choices on the other walls in the room.


Make A Feature Wall


Rather than painting an accent wall with a different colour – decorate it differently. Make a feature wall with a stunning collage of your favourite art pieces, mementos, or family photographs. Mix different coloured frames, sizes, and types that add variety but also complement each other well. You’ll want to ensure everything is planned beforehand – such as laying everything out on the floor to get a sense of how it will look, and make sure you hang everything straight.


Make A Built In Unit


Another simple way to add an accent wall is by making a built-in along the length of one wall. This can be made up of your entertainment station and shelves to showcase art, books, collections, photos and more. Whatever you like, the choice is yours.


Wow With Wood


A more rustic, or luxurious feel is adding a shiplap accent wall to the space. Depending on the type of wood, colour and style, this can create a really cozy vintage/cottage vibe or a luxury upscale space. Ensure the wall colours of the rest of the room complement the paint on the wood or wood colour if left unpainted for unity.


Luminous Design


A luxury wow factor, adding a luminous accent wall will turn any drab space into a marvellous room that gravitates the eye to a stunning centrepiece. With a luminous design, your accent wall is backlit, meaning there are lights behind it to generate even more pop. This works amazingly with laminated glass decorative panels, but can also work with tile, marble, quartz, and porcelain.



There are many ways to add an accent wall to your space, ranging from simple solutions to more extravagant pieces of art that really emphasize that wow factor.


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