Deciding to renovate or remodel your home is not just to update dated or broken fixtures in your home. Making the choice to upgrade a room or whole house is an investment towards making your home more enjoyable to live in. When done correctly, your renovation can help raise your home’s resale value as well. Here are some home renovations that can help improve your home’s value.


The Kitchen


Renovating and remodelling your kitchen is a large-scale renovation project. One that requires a lot of thought, work, investment, and effort. But, all that hard work and time pays off. Prospective buyers want beautiful, luxurious, modern, updated kitchens.


Putting in new cabinets, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, flooring, and plumbing fixtures will improve both the overall look of your kitchen and the resale value of your home. Remodelling Magazine’s 2018 report showed that your home value can raise anywhere from 60-80%  of your renovation budget.


When renovating your kitchen, you do not want to skimp out as it’s a huge draw for prospective buyers. Plus, a stunning luxury kitchen renovation will make it a more enjoyable space for you to live, cook, eat, and spend quality time with your family if you aren’t selling.


The Bathroom


Another huge draw in a home is the bathroom. People spend much of their lives in the bathroom, so it is only natural that renovated bathrooms positively impact your home’s value. The same consumer report above found that up to 93% of your renovation budget can be recouped in your home’s value.


Bright, airy bathrooms, with energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, will boost your personal enjoyment of the space, save on energy/hydro bills, and make your home more attractive to buyers.


Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

Do not forget about the outdoors when thinking about renovations to increase resale value. Adding a deck is a great way to improve your yard’s appearance and enjoyment, but also adds additional square footage to your home! Decks are a great space to entertain family and friends, have summer BBQs, and enjoy the outdoors.


You can also enhance curb appeal by focusing on your front yard. Add some new landscaping, and gardens, or refresh your home’s appearance (new front door, fresh siding, parging, etc) will all help improve your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers.


Unfortunately, landscaping will not boost your asking price, but can definitely help resale value. So, focus on improving your lawn and added some new trees and flowers to improve your home’s appearance.


Energy Efficiency


Replacing insulation, windows, and doors, and retrofitting your lighting fixtures to LED is another way to increase home value. These upgrades help lower your monthly energy costs and save you money. Plus, prospective buyers will be excited by the same benefits and find your home more attractive.




If you are looking for luxury home renovations to help increase your home’s resale value, working with ICOASTAL Designs will help make your vision a reality. You’ll want to focus your renovation budget towards rooms that will positively impact your resale value. And, if you choose not to sell anytime soon, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of your new renovations.