One important room in your house is the bathroom. Over the course of your life, you likely spent a lot of time there for relaxation and personal cleanliness. It is crucial to maintain it in working order. It may be time for a renovation job if you notice parts failing, cracking, or non-functioning fixtures. Although you might want to just get a new toilet or replace that broken light, fixing up the entire space can address your current problems and prevent others from popping up in the near future.


Top Reasons to Renovate A Bathroom




Prospective buyers will definitely be considering your bathroom as a selling point if you intend to sell your house in the coming years. If you don’t update your bathroom and it seems a little antiquated and worn out, it may turn potential buyers away. Yet, installing a brand-new oasis in place of your current outdated bathroom will increase the property’s appeal to new owners. Also, you get to enjoy it yourself if you’re not selling it too quickly!




You can change the layout of your bathroom during a remodel to provide more storage. You can install more shelving or create room for cabinets and drawers. Focusing your renovation on storage helps make your bathroom more practical on a daily basis, and you will be able to better organize and conceal clutter.




The likelihood of a buildup of mould, mildew, scale, etc. increases as bathroom fixtures get older. With brand-new flooring, walls, tubs, showers, toilets, and other amenities, your remodel will create a cleaner, healthier, and more hygienic atmosphere. Also, having a bathroom vent will aid airflow to keep moisture out of the room, and prevent mould and mildew issues from returning quickly.


Totally new


You get to start all over after gutting your outdated bathroom. In terms of design and construction, you can essentially do whatever you want. You can make it into a stunning luxury spa or give it a more understated modern appearance. You are in charge! You can pick the finishes, fixtures, toilet, tub, shower, paint, tile, etc. A full renovation is a great way to totally give an outdated bathroom your stamp as you can easily get your vision into reality.




Be prepared to invest the time and work necessary if you decide to refurbish your bathroom. It won’t just take a few days before it’s done. Consider the layout, your preferred fixtures and tiles, and price comparisons. To design and construct the bathroom of your dreams, work with a general contractor that is licenced. Create a budget and make every effort to stick to it. Although bathroom renovations can be challenging, they can totally transform your drab room into a relaxing retreat. iCoastal Designs is Florida’s premier licensed remodeler, ready for your renovation jobs.