So you’re ready to start remodelling, or renovating, your home? Both you and the professionals may need clarification on the two terms. You may only ever use the word “renovation,” and you probably never hesitate when deciding which word to use. Although it can cause misunderstanding, the word you use to describe your project often has no bearing on your project or communication with contractors.


The professionals will understand what you mean when discussing remodelling or remodelling projects, regardless of your terminology. Professional plumbers, painters, designers, and other tradespeople probably don’t care what word you use. What do these terms actually mean, though, when we pause to consider them?


What They Mean


Although they sound similar, remodelling and renovation are actually two different concepts. It depends on who you ask, but they aren’t equivalent by definition.




Remodelling is the complete alteration of a structure, form, or aspect of something or somewhere. One way to do this is to add an addition to your house, remove a bathtub in favour of a standing shower, install a kitchen island, or finish your basement. Thus, your modifications influence how the area will be used after the redesign. When you rebuild, you alter the space’s layout and perhaps even its intended use. It might be considered a “remake”




A renovation, on the other hand, brings something that is older back to a newer, better condition of repair. It can be accomplished through cleaning, fixing, or rebuilding. It is the same as refreshing or reviving. Repairing squeaky doors, blocked windows, peeling wallpaper, and other such improvements are examples of renovations. Never is the original space significantly changed. Renovations are comparable to “reviving” something.


The cost of a renovation is also likely to be lower than that of a redesign because repairs and upgrades rather than major structural alterations are the main focus.


Are These Words Interchangeable?


Naturally, the terms can typically be used interchangeably without much consideration. Nowadays, there isn’t much of a distinction between remodelling and renovation. Most contractors will use one or both terms, and most customers will do the same.


Professionals frequently observe the two words being used together. When people use the terms renovation and remodel in place of flipping, greater confusion results, according to Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers of Cash Pad! Flipping is a completely different idea from home renovations in that it’s not necessarily tit for tat. If your renovations are meant for resale, your project is a flip, claims Jojo Fletcher. Remodelling, often known as renovation, entails making improvements to your current home to enhance your quality of life.




Ultimately, feel free to use the terms “renovation” or “remodel” to describe your project. It truly doesn’t matter. It is important to give your project the correct amount of thought, care, and planning. Focus your budget on the parts of your property that could use a makeover or redesign. The ability to set an appropriate budget, reduce the likelihood of going overboard, and still increase your enjoyment of the space depends on your ability to be practical with your project.


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