Home is where the heart is, as they say, right? It’s also where we must be the most at ease and authentically ourselves. That said, it might be time to look into remodelling options to make your house even more important to you than it already is.


Here are some creative remodelling suggestions to make your house stand out in the neighbourhood, freshen up the space, and get you back to enjoying living in your home.


Start in the Kitchen


The Herb Garden On-Wall


Why not bring fresh, healthy ingredients in-house for the chef? Clean air, colour in the kitchen, and year-round access to fresh greens are all benefits of having indoor herb gardens. Have a hanging garden of your favourite herbs to add some fragrance, colour and a fresh visual every time you enter the space.


The Dishwasher with Two Drawers


Filling the machine may require several days if you have a small household or if everyone has their schedule. There are now models available with two, self-contained drawers that can hold extra glasses, plates, bowls and cutlery. This helps you by avoiding running a dishwasher with a half-full load to save time and money.


Storage in the End Cabinets


The best way to organize your kitchen is to give each thing a place to call home. To avoid keeping cleaning materials in the coat closet or beneath the sink, install an end cabinet or stacks of cabinets with shelves and hooks next to the refrigerator. It looks like nothing more than a trim piece from the front. Doors then open to expose a tidy assortment of equipment and supplies.


A New Bathroom Trend


The Doorless Shower


Your home will gain more space and light with a doorless walk-in shower. This chic bathroom layout transforms how we use and perceive showers. Water will be kept from leaking into the room with the help of a high curb and a strategically placed showerhead or rainhead. 


Make More Out of A Staircase


Under-stair storage is routinely disregarded. Here are some creative ideas to make use of this area to make your property stand out:


Add A Power Room


You might have thought it would be impossible to install a powder room on the first floor. But, with some professional design and construction, you can add one under the stairs! To make the room appear larger, keep your accessory and colour choices modest. It is vital to have a functional toilet, a beautiful light fixture, and a fancy mirror. Elegant accents like trim mouldings, wainscoting, and ornamental wallpaper can also add a bold statement.


The Bookcase


Maybe you need a place to keep your books instead. Place books, collectibles, and mementos in cubbies or shelving that is staggered. To encourage your kids to read, you may also provide them with a nice reading nook.


Hide Your Entertainment System


We all have entertainment equipment strewn over the house. They may all now be kept underneath a stairwell. The ultimate entertainment centre can be made by combining this with a flat-screen television, surround sound, speakers, and a game system.


Upgrade Your Family Room


Add An Indoor Firepit


Now, you can enjoy your fire pit all year long. This unique design combines a fire pit in the backyard with an indoor fireplace. Both vented and non-vented variants are offered in a variety of distinctive forms.


Sunken Living Area


A sunken living room may harken back to the 60s and 70s but is making a trendy comeback. Due to the cozy environment for entertaining and family gatherings, it’s popularity has not gone away over the decades and is still trendy today. The only thing that can change it into something specifically yours is your imagination.


In the Backyard


Build a Deck Bar into Your Railing


There won’t be any more juggling dishes on your lap with this chic bar rail built into your deck. Choose premium boards, stain them to coordinate with the colour scheme of your deck, and add bar stools.


An Outdoor Theatre

Create a backyard theatre experience complete with a digital projector, a large screen, and lots of cushions. Make sure everything is portable in case of bad weather. But, this will be a great way to enjoy some beautiful summer nights under the stars.




Whether it’s for your home’s interior or exterior, it’s time to refresh your space with some bold renovations. To make a statement, raise the value of your home, or just for fun, keep these original remodelling ideas in mind or come up with your own. Now, not only will you stand out in the neighbourhood, but you’ll also have a blast doing it!


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